Based on powerful globalized real time streaming networks and perfect services in client ends and clouds, PILI is a solution to the end-to-end live, designed to provide a one-stop live cloud service with fewer delays, stable and smooth broadcast as well as high availability.

A Solution to the End-to-end Live

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Elaborate Services in Client Ends

Services of live streaming broadcasting across platforms and direct access of SDK into the application are included.

Perfect Functions in Live Streaming Ends

The live streaming ends, with powerful functions, are open and easy to use, which makes it convenient for developers to freely choose methods of sampling live streaming.

Offering live streaming SDK for Android/iOS Platform

The live streaming SDK for Android/iOS platform is offered as a one-stop solution to the live through mobile phones, covering all mainstream functions in the live through videos like face beautifying with filters, special effects in faces, optimizing in poor networks, audio remixing and watermarks.

Opening API in the cloud

Several signal sources can be pushed to the cloud, such as IP cameras, video cameras, PC desktops, videos on-demand, UAVs and the streaming of other live platforms, to distribute media and manage broadcasting and controlling transparently, which helps enterprise developers establish core services in live broadcasting quickly and increases development efficiency.

Fully Self-Developed Kernel Players

With a minimum package of 400KB and complete functions, free player SDK is offered, which can be opened in 200ms and gives users smooth video experience.

Protecting the copyright of DRM

Avoid illegal copying of digital media

Adjusting broadcasting strategies intelligently

Diminishing delays and sudden stops effectively when broadcasting

Offering the HLS adaptive bitrate

Coping with end-users’ complex network environment easily

Analyzing big data

Data of performance is monitored and analyzed in real time and emergencies are reported to improve end-users’ experience

Globalized Real Time Streaming Networks

A lightweight recovery is offered and nodes can be expanded. Global distribution requirements can be responded to quickly.

Scalability on Demand

Scalability on Demand

The situation of full process can be computed in real time with completely new Internet technologies and the intelligent scalability of the best path node can be reached as required.

Intelligent Choice of Tracks

Intelligent Choice of Tracks

With SDN, combinations of tracks are deployed dynamically and data is updated in real time to decide and dispatch the best track.

Fault Tolerance

Fault Tolerance

Service nodes are deployed symmetrically across the network so that any ineffective node can be removed immediately. The timely fault tolerance guarantees the high availability of the service.

Fewer Sudden Stops in Poor Networks

Fewer Sudden Stops in Poor Networks

The QUIC Transport Protocol optimized by Qiniu helps users decrease the rate of sudden rates in complex networks and makes broadcasting smoother.

A Comprehensive Range of Services in the Cloud

The ecological chain in the live broadcasting is designed to provide users with better experience.

Services of AI in Videos

High-efficient and automatic recognition is offered in terms of behaviors like pornography, terrorism and violence. Technologies and applications, like facial recognition, intelligent image recognition and OCR, can be quickly integrated.

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Services of Big Data in Videos

The real-time monitoring, analysis, alarming and optimization of key business systems are offered to constantly help improve and upgrade the business of live broadcasting platforms, increase the reliability and stability and provides end-users with excellent experience.

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Real-time Transcoding in the Server

With the HP. 264 Transcoding Technology and the complete H.265 Solution in the Cloud, bandwidth costs can be reduced by 30%-50% and better image quality can be offered under the same bitrate. Services of real-time transcoding under multiple bitrates are offered so that the original live video streaming can be coded into three different kinds of streaming, HD, SD and LD, which makes it convenient for clients to flexibly switch into the streaming of a different bitrate according to different scenarios.

Few Delays in HLS+

HLS+ is processed from the standard HLS in a streaming way, which greatly decreases delays in standard HLS and makes the time for opening the first screen more stable with a small chance of playing back to the source.

Anti-theft of Clients’ Content

Multiple methods of authentication are offered, like HTTP Security Protocol, timestamp, anti-theft of clients’ content and authentication back to the source, to fully protect resources and avoid the theft, which greatly increases the safety level in services of live broadcasting.

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