QCDN is an integrated management service to further optimize the acceleration of data network based on the traditional CDN. Besides the application into A&V on demand, acceleration of documents, apps and web as well as various value-added scenarios, Qiniu's QCDN guarantees the consistency of users'service and offers stable and fast internet access with all-around CDN quality monitoring, intelligent and easy dispatch of fast nodes and other functions.

Product Frameworks

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Product Advantages

No Blind Areas

No Blind Areas

QCDN is a mature integrated control scheme with multiple CDNs which chooses high-quality nodes from mainstream CDN manufacturers to combine with Qiniu's high-quality nodes and fully covers networks of various operators in different areas to truly have no blind areas.

Intelligent Dispatch

Intelligent Dispatch

Based on Qiniu's IP database and combined with the network downtime and performance monitoring, the intelligent and integrated dispatch system is developed to support dispatch methods such as DNS, HttpDNS and IP302, which effectively prevents access hijacking and achieves 100% accurate and controllable dispatch in real time.

Three-dimensional Quality Control

Three-dimensional Quality Control

With the coverage performance monitoring from authoritative APM manufacturers, Qiniu develops real-time network availability monitoring and real-time access performance monitoring from SDK logs to create a three-dimensional quality control system of Qiniu's QCDN.

Reduction of Returning to Source Stations

Reduction of Returning to Source Stations

With the establishment of BGP network intermediate sources, problems like low speed or unreachable network return to the source station among operators are removed to protect the bandwidth of source station from being affected by fluctuations in requests of edge nodes and save costs on the return to the source station.

Nodes Distribution

Application Scenarios

Web Acceleration

The distribution of static resources on the internet, such as html, css, js, img, short videos and so on can be optimized and accelerated. The HTTPS on the whole website ensures web access safety. TCP optimization enables big pictures and styles on the website to load in seconds and shortens response time of websites to improve users'experience. Also, with Qiniu's Image Processing Service, QCDN can conduct data processing services such as image thumbnails, watermarks and format transformation.

Document Downloads

The distribution of lager files, such as apk, mp3, exe, zip and so on can be optimized and accelerated. QCDN enables users to get a faster download speed with thousands of nodes globally and improves the stability of downloading and transferring large files with segmental caching technology. With Qiniu's storage services, QCDN can effectively reduce costs on the return to the source station and on the storage.

Audio & Video On-demand

The services of A&V on-demand, such as mp4, flv, rmvb, wmv, hls and so on can be optimized and accelerated. QCDN uses BGP network intermediate source technology to reduce bandwidth pressure of returning to the source station and save users'costs on the return to the source station. Segmental prefetching technology enables users to enjoy audios and videos more smoothly. And the advanced link protection technology effectively prevents users'files from being stolen. With Qiniu's data processing services, QCDN can conduct data processing services such as A&V transcoding, format transformation and compression.

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